2020’s Best Bed Frames

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Ask an interior designer what the best bed frames, are and you will get a different answer than if you ask a landlord or a hefty person. If you have existing mattresses (a top mattress and box spring that you are happy with), you can search for a simple mattress frame.

Why a Good Bed Frame Is Important

A good frame will not have to be replaced unless you decide to leave it behind when you move. Solidly constructed frames should not squeak or creak with movement, which can wake your fellow sleeper or cause embarrassment while lovemaking if you have others in the house or in the next apartment.

What You Should Look for When Buying a Bed Frame

Bed frames used to be something that you only bought in a mattress store, but as more people buy online, you can find good bed frames with free delivery. Bed frames can be easier to comparison shop online than mattresses because there are fewer decisions about the touch and feel for the former. Like any purchase you will live with for a while, it’s worth spending time to do a bit of research.

A frame of the right height will make it easier to get into and out of your bed. This can be especially important for the infirm or elderly.

Lifting the bed off the ground is considered better for your health and better feng shui.

Your choice of the frame should include knowledge of the type of mattress that will be going on it. If you are mattress shopping, check out Wirecutter mattress buying advice.

Platform bed frames are typically low to the ground and simple in design. With their simplicity, they offer ease of access for making the bed and typically are conducive to better circulation on the underside of the bed to prevent mold or mildew.

If you want to keep the overall height of your bed low, platform bed frames usually don’t require a box frame in addition to the top mattress. Platform beds with memory foam mattresses have been replacing the box spring and mattress combination in sales as of late. Keep in mind that slats should be no more than 5” apart for memory foam mattresses.

Metal Mattress Frame Recommendations:

STRUCTURES by Malouf Heavy-Duty Adjustable Metal Bed Frame $61.99

This basic mattress frame has a center support and adjusts to universal sizes, including King, California King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, Twin. With easy assembly, it also has headboard brackets and includes rug rollers for moveability.

Olee Sleep Heavy-Duty Steel Slat Black Bed Frame, Twin  $89.99

If you’re tight on space, and just one person, consider this Twin raised bed frame. Designed to be noise-free, it doesn’t need a box spring and offers an ample 18” clearance for under-bed storage.

Sleeplanner Platform Easy Assembly Steel Bed Frame, Queen $119.99

Similar to the Twin bed above, this minimalist bed frame is made with sturdy black steel and fits a Queen-size mattress.

Platform Bed Frame Full Recommendations:

Classic Dream Platform Bed Frame, Full $84.87

This is a durable and elegant metal frame for a full mattress. It’s made with black anodized steel and goes with a variety of bedroom décor. It also provides good clearance with 14” under the frame.

KD Lounger Futon, Full $154.00

The futon bed deserves mention because it’s a quintessential platform bed, but one that can be converted from bed to lounger to chair. This feature of the futon is what’s made it popular with studio apartment dwellers. KD Frames has futon frames in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes as well as other platform beds.

Queen Size Platform Bed Frame Recommendations:

Porch & Den Neron Solid Wood Queen-size Platform Bed $179.99

The queen bed slats on this frame have Velcro to avoid unwanted movement of your mattress. It’s easy to assemble. Made with high-quality wood and well-engineered, it should not creak like some bed frames, making it an all-around good pick for a queen bed platform.

Tara Platform Bed $249.99

With a solid wood headboard and lower overall rise, this bed satisfies those who may be nervous about buying online. It’s not hard to assemble and also can be found in other sizes from Full to King.

Mammoth Lakes Upholstered Platform Bed $223.15

Available in gray (linen) or black (faux leather), this bed is available in Queen, Full, and Twin sizes. It has coordinating head and footboards and is an option for interior designers with a fixed budget or those just starting out in furnished their abode.

Drommen Acacia Wood Queen Bed $899.00

This timeless architectural design is made with solid sustainable acacia wood. It comes with an upholstered headboard, tailored in an ivory poly/linen weave.

Platform Bed Frame King Recommendations:

Dondra Teak King Bed $999.00

If you are in the market for a classic wooden platform bed, this bed is an eco-friendly option. With a headboard made from reclaimed teak, the base is made of hand-planed mango wood. The design is simple and minimalistic.

Tami Upholstered Storage Platform Bed $1,079.87

This stately King size platform bed frame comes in four colors: black, navy, gray, and pink. It has a regal appearance with tufted velvet on the headboard and storage compartments. It offers storage compartments on each side of the bed and at the foot of the bed.

Parting Notes about Platform Beds and Selecting Bed Frames

Parting Notes about Platform Beds and Selecting Bed Frames

While most platform beds are designed to look modern and streamlined, you can find more traditional styles and even sleigh beds with a platform base, though they take a bit more assembly finesse. 

The panel bed (traditional beds with box springs and both a headboard and foot boards) have not yet gone the way of the waterbed. However, as mattresses improve, panel beds’ popularity is taking a breather in favor of simpler designs.

You can change out the look of your bed with comforter sets, decorative pillows, or a new headboard. You can also change the look of your bed frame with a complimentary storage ottoman at the foot of your bed.

Remember, we spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so whatever bed frame and mattress you choose, make sure it’s comfortable and ensures peaceful sleep.

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