2021’s Best Cooling Sheets

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When you warm up at night, your sleep takes a toll. We know the feeling all too well. All the tossing and turning, throwing the sheets on, and off trying to cool down can get annoying. 

These sleep complications are prevailing for individuals who get especially hot when they sleep. Still, everyone may experience it from time to time. What to do when you get dangerously hot at night? Get some quality cooling sheets to help you maintain a more comfortable temperature.

Cooling sheets not only allow cool air to seep in and reach the sleeper’s body but they’re also designed to wick away moisture to keep you dry and cool. Let’s look at some of the best cooling sheets this year.

cooling sheet

Best Sheets For Hot Sleepers

Best Cost-friendly Option

Coolmax Sheet Set




Most cooling sheets feature technology that usually makes them expensive. Still, if you’re looking for cooling bed sheets under $50, this best-selling cooling sheet on Amazon is unbeatable! This set features Coolmax technology that the brand states has an instant cool-to-the-touch feel. Reviewers rave about how much cooler they feel at night sleeping with these sheets.

coolmax sheets

Best Sateen Cooling Sheets

True Temp Sheet Set



Looking for a quality, pricey option, say less! Let’s be honest, the silky feel of sateen can be quite bothersome if you are prone to sweating all night, but some people love it nonetheless. The True Temp Sheet Set from SleepNumber features 37.5 technology to limit night sweats in the first place, so you can enjoy a smooth touch without the heat. The best part? Making your bed has gotten 10x easier with the convenient labels on the fitted sheet. 

true temp sheets

Best Percale Cooling Sheets

Percale Sheet Set



Percale sheets are prized for their fresh and open feel – perfect for a breathable sheet. Parachute’s 100% Egyptian cotton percale sheets are consistently top contenders. The fabric is pill-resistant, durable, and doesn’t shrink when you wash it. Garment-washed for ultimate comfort, this set will remain soft with sustained use. 


Best Color Options Cooling Sheets

100% Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheet Set



These cooling sheets are top performers with the top durability score and high softness ratings. Sleepers rave about the silky smooth lyocell fabric that wicks away moisture while still being amazingly soft. The fitted sheet features convenient labels for more manageable bed-making. The coolest part? They’re available in six fun, bright shades, so you’re sure to find one you’ll really love. 

eucalyptus sheets

Best Linen Cooling Sheets

Linen Core Sheet Set



Some of us love linen sheets; some of us, not so much. Linen lovers, rejoice, for we have some cooling sheets for you! Linen sheets have a nice breathable feel for the summer months. If you’re not a fan of linen but looking to manage night sweats by any means necessary, try this sheet set with a free return policy. If it is not for you, Brooklinen accepts returns and exchanges within 365 days of purchase. While linen is not the softest material, they are strong and don’t shrink that much when you wash them. 

evergreen linen

Best Tencel Cooling Sheets

Bedding Tencel Sheet Set



Tencel fabric is distinguished for its soft, moisture-wicking, and luxurious touch. We like the feel of these cooling sheets; they are soft, and they proved to be quite strong by barely pilling. Indulge yourself in the luxurious feel of Nest Bedding’s Tencel sheets; it’s smooth to the touch and crisp to the body. Hands down, some of the softest sheets you will ever own.

tencel shots

Best Wrinkle-resistant Cooling Sheets

Dri-Tec Sheet Set



These cooling sheets from BedGear are top performers in this list. They are strong, don’t shrink that much with a top durability score, and are barely pilled. They are also the most wrinkle-resistant of all the sheets on our list. Because they are manufactured from polyester, they feel more like the fabric you find in activewear, making it super comfortable. We like the secure band used to prevent these soft coverings from slipping.

dri tec

Best Ethical Cooling Sheets

SleepSmart 37.5 Sheet Set



Can one protect the environment while sleeping? Absolutely! This sheet set from Pottery Barn is Fair Trade Certified, adhering to strict environmental and social standards. Pottery Barn also makes it its mission to donate a portion of its sales to support the manufacturers’ communities. Molded of a combination of cotton and 37.5 performance polyester, this cooling sheet merges the benefits from both: A smooth feel with superior cooling properties. 


Best Moisture Wicking Cooling Sheets/ Best Sheets For Summer

Performance Sheet Set



Activewear fabrics are designed to wick away moisture and are fitting for sweaty sleepers. This 40% Outlast viscose, and 60% Tencel performance fabric is the best for wicking away moisture and for good reasons. Sleepers rave that this fabric helped them maintain a constant body temperature throughout the night while feeling amazingly soft on their bodies. 

slumber cloud performance

Best Organic Cooling Sheets

Organic Crinkled Percale™ Sheets



These deluxe cooling sheets from Coyuchi are constructed with GOTs certified, organic cotton fabric, meaning the whole supply chain is organic from raw materials to production. In addition, the brand uses a unique process for the stylish crinkled effect for a breathable feel and relaxed look.

percale sheets


Cooling sheets may be the perfect fix for hot sleepers who suffer from night sweats or live in a warmer climate. However, with so many cooling sheets available, picking the best option for you requires thoughtful consideration. We hope you find a set that works for you and your budget! 

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