The Best Sunrise Alarm Clock of 2020

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Do you hate your alarm clock? Are you less of a morning person and more of a “Why are there mornings?” person? Welcome, the sunrise alarm clock. This is a wake-up alarm that’s a bit less “argh!!” and a little more “aah, that’s better.”

If you’ve never come across a sunlight alarm clock or light alarm before, it’s a simple yet oh so effective concept. Instead of using loud noises, klaxons, or sirens to wake you up, the best wake up light alarms gently glows brighter and brighter to emulate the sunrise. This is a quieter, less “alarming” (pun completely intended) way to wake up every day.

We’ve looked at a range of wake up light alarm clock options so that you can choose the best sunrise alarm clock for you. Here are five of the best light alarm clocks on the market for 2020.

Why Use a Sunrise Alarm Clock?

Why Use a Sunrise Alarm Clock

A sunrise or light alarm clock uses the power of the dawn to wake you. The best alarm clocks are ones that make you want to get up and get out of bed- not want to hide under the covers. A sunrise alarm clock takes advantage of the human body’s circadian rhythms, which is literally when your body is programmed to fall asleep and wake up.

The average human wakes for 16 hours then sleeps for around 8 hours, which completes the cycle of a day on earth. The body wants to rise when the sun comes up, but when work demands you get up at 6 am, and it’s winter and still dark outside, this can make you wake harshly and want to throw a noisy alarm clock through a window.

Sunrise alarms clocks gently emulate the break of dawn, tricking your body and brain into believing that the sun is coming up, and it’s really time to greet the day with your best smile. Waking up naturally rather than stressed or via loud noise can leave you feeling more refreshed, more alert, and better equipped to face the day.

Five top sunrise alarm clocks for 2020.

Philips Wake-Up Light HF3505

Philips Wake-Up Light HF3505

One of the best things about a natural light alarm clock is that it connects to our natural urge to wake up as the sun rises. The Philips Wake-Up Light is designed to perfectly mimic the sunrise, giving you the most natural wake-up call no matter where you are.

This sunrise alarm clock has ten different brightness settings, a 30 minutes phase to allow you to wake up gently, and various natural sounds like birdsong to allow you to wake up with the minimum of angst.

HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

HomeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

Not only is this one of the best alarm clocks out there, but it’s also one of the best value clocks on the market. At around $15, it’s much cheaper than some of the more “premium” options on the market. But, despite the cheaper price tag, there are a vibrant range of colors, a useful 30-minute timer, and a gentle glow. Fans of top-end sunlight alarms will note that the color is not as warm and that the sounds are perhaps a little clamorous compared to some more expensive options. But for the price, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive option. Especially good for people who want to try out the sunrise alarm function without shelling out a boatload of cash!

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

The HeimVision is still a great value at under $50 currently (April 2020), especially considering the number of features it’s got under the hood. This alarm clock is fitted with LED lights that allow for both sunset and sunrise settings, in a range of colors, and up to 20 different brightness levels. Set your wake up time and light intensity level, then enjoy a gentle rise to wakefulness via color and soft tones each morning. You can also use the HeimVision as a nightlight when needed.

Morning Ray Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Morning Ray Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

This sunrise simulating alarm clock is another mid-range price option that’s a winner. The Morning Ray has a number of features you’ll be familiar with by now: a 30 minute wake up program, gradually increasing light to emulate the sunrise, and a range of alarm sounds, plus white or pink noise, which can actually help with sleep as well. We love the Morning Ray because of its usefulness as a bedside table device. You can charge your phone off it, use it as a reading lamp, and even turn it into a Bluetooth speaker. Truly versatile.

Mirari OK to Wake! Children’s Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Mirari OK to Wake! Children's Alarm Clock

We had to include an option for kids here. This is for all those kids who struggle to get out of bed, and for all those parents who know the consequences of that struggle! The idea of this device is that it encourages kids to stay in bed for longer so that the whole household gets a better night’s sleep.

The clock glows with a soft yellow light during sleep time, which gently increases to green when it’s time to get up. This has the double impact of helping kids wake up for school, and helping them stay in bed on the weekends. This clock helps build good sleeping habits and teaches kids about schedules. There’s even a nap timer for younger children.

Which sunrise alarm is best for you? Switch over to letting the light wake you in 2020, for better nights- and better mornings.


You spend one-third of your life asleep, so waking up shouldn’t be a chore. Sunrise alarms and wake up lights work with your body’s natural circadian rhythms to help you wake more easily. If you are a heavy sleeper, check out our review of best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers.


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