Sleep Realm’s Casper Pillow Review

Sleep Realm’s Casper Pillow Review

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What Is the Casper Pillow?

The Casper Pillow is one of the signature pillows from the renowned mattress and comfort company. The cotton is designed with a breathable percale weave that increases airflow to make sure you’re always sleeping cool- as you should! Each fiber cluster is independently blown into the cover allowing the pillow to be clump-resistant. All it takes is a quick fluff, and your pillow bounces back to life. Sleep Realm Ratings

About Casper: What You Need to Know

Casper is a U.S.-based mattress and bedding accessories manufacturer best known for its memory foam and hybrid mattress selection. As one of the most reputable and marketable bed-in-a-box companies, Casper has earned the title of a top contender in the comfort industry. While they are mostly prized for their high-quality mattresses, their bedsheets, quilts, and pillows use similar comfort technology to deliver the same comfortable, luxurious feeling.

The Casper Pillow Review

The Casper Pillow is undoubtedly one of the greatest, most comfortable pillows to ever hit the market. The pillow’s dual-layer provides stronger, more effective support and better temperature impartiality than many competing models. Shape memory is another comparative advantage. Its ability to evenly disseminate the fill throughout the interior and the inner pillow adds additional structural assistance.

In addition, Casper offers many advantages such as a 100 nights risk-free trial and free shipping in the contiguous United States. However, the Casper pillow is only available in ‘Medium Soft’ and may not adhere firmly enough to relieve twinges for sleepers with discomfort problems.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when you buy the Casper Pillow.

Pros of Casper Pillow

  • Retains shape in the long term for excellent durability
  • Temperature-neutral design to keep you cool
  • Multiple loft and composition options
  • Both pillows sleep fairly cool
  • Average to above-average durability
  • Free shipping within the contiguous U.S.

Cons of Casper Pillow

  • Each pillow has one non-adjustable firmness option
  • Above-average pricing for both pillows

General Overview

As mentioned above, the Casper Pillow has a couple of disadvantages, but as you can see, the pros strongly outweigh the cons. That being said, if you are in the market for a cool and comfortable pillow, the Casper Pillow should be one of your top three choices.


The Casper Pillow features a unique pillow-on-pillow design with an interior pillow cushioned with compressed microfibers that offer stronger support for your head and neck. Additionally, an outer pillow covered with more prolonged, softer fibers offers additional cushioning. The outer pillow has a Pima cotton-percale cover with polyester inner lining, as well as 2-inch gussets.

In terms of support, the pillow offers a subtle blend of strength and softness. The inner hub prevents you from sinking right through, while the outer cover promotes comfortability. This ‘best of both’ approach is innovative but may not suit you if you fancy either extremes.

The material used in the Casper Pillow makes it fairly malleable and offers excellent comfort for most sleepers regardless of their body types or sleep position. The breathable cover and microfibers help control the temperature, allowing the pillow to stay moderately cool for extended periods.


In terms of comfort, there is no disputing the quality of Casper products– and their Casper Pillow is no different. Although it may take a couple of nights to get used to the new pillow, the comfort it offers can be experienced upon the first contact. The company has so much reliance on their products that they provide a 100 nights risk-free trial for the pillow and the rest of their products.


At $65, the Casper Pillow is not the most affordable pillow you’ll find, but competitor pillows are valued at similar prices if not more expensive. Despite the high price, the company’s risk-free trial and free shipping make the $65 a rather appealing deal.


Another major factor that makes the Casper Pillow worth it is its certified durability. Not only is the pillow super easy to wash, but it also has the ability to retain its shape without minor fluffing.

Casper Pillow Q&A

Do I need to fluff the pillow?

Yes, it’s best to fluff your pillow often (daily, if possible) to keep it looking and feeling fresh. Our pillow’s fill is specifically designed so that it can be revived and returned to its original puffiness with just a quick fluff.

How do I clean my Casper pillow?

Cleaning the Casper pillow is easy:

  • Step 1: Unzip the outer pillow and remove the inner pillow.
  • Step 2: Zip the outer pillow back up.
  • Step 3: Place both in the washing machine.
  • Step 4: Wash with cool water and a mild detergent on the gentle cycle. Run the rinse cycle twice. Tumble dry low with dryer balls (or clean tennis balls).

What’s the best pillow for my sleep position?

Our research shows nearly everyone shifts around during the night, so Casper set out to design a single pillow that could accommodate all sleep positions. Whether you like to sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you’ll feel supported by the Casper pillow.


The Casper Pillow is an excellent option worth considering if you are looking to replace your overused cotton-filled pillows. Despite its high price point, the Casper Pillow is guaranteed to be a great purchase due to its exceptional strength, durability, and softness, which set it among the most comfortable pillows to sleep on. Its biggest downside is that each pillow has one non-adjustable firmness option. Luckily, the company offers a 100 nights risk-free trial in case you’re one of the very few people that just can’t get used to it.

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