Get The Sleep You Deserve With FAB’s Personal Diffuser

Get The Sleep You Deserve With FAB’s Personal Diffuser

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Get The Sleep You Deserve With FAB’s Personal Diffuser 1

Having trouble falling asleep? Fear not for FAB is here with a brand new product designed to help you sleep better at night. Introducing FAB’s personal diffuser! Of all the methods available today, inhalation has proven to be one of the most efficient ways to deliver the compound into your bloodstream. 

When inhaling, you’re allowing the compound’s particles to be absorbed by the lungs and effectively cross the blood-brain barrier. This allows a much higher bioavailability. You could potentially feel the effects 30-45 minutes faster through inhalation.

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Get The Sleep You Deserve With FAB’s Personal Diffuser 2

FAB Personal Diffuser – Sleep Tight

FAB’s Personal Diffuser is an aromatherapy device that carries a blend of extracts and other ingredients to promote deeper, better sleep. A few puffs of this plant-based mist will tune you out, calm the mind, and nurse you to bed.

FAB’s Proprietary Calm Pen is fully disposable and ready for use as soon as you open the box!  Including 500mg of premium extract, a crafted blend of terpenes, and the addition of other cannabinoids, reaching your deepest slumber has never been so easy! Some of the benefits of the diffuser include:

    • Promote Calm
    • Support Sleep
    • Reduce Stress

Get The Sleep You Deserve With FAB’s Personal Diffuser 3

How to Use FAB’s Personal Diffuser

Using the device is super simple! Upon unboxing, inhale through the opening at the top of the diffuser. A light will glow at the opposite end when in use. Each draw is about 2mg of extract. Simply take 2-3 puffs a day (or as needed) before bedtime and let go.

Get The Sleep You Deserve With FAB’s Personal Diffuser 4

You Deserve to End Your Day in Peace

One of the biggest issues with taking supplements in pill or oil form is the slow absorption rate. It takes about an hour to take effect and sometimes doesn’t work depending on how much food you ate before bedtime. Inhaling allows for a near-instant somnolence effect. Combined with the soothing effects of the extracts and other terpenes and you’ll be drifting off on a warm cloud!

About FAB

FAB is a popular retailer of quality plant-based products, some of which have proven more than useful in helping cope with stress and physical discomfort. FAB is one of the most reliable botanical companies in the wellness space. They are committed to creating the best possible products for their customers and their specific conditions. Moreover, they have a great passion for assisting novices in finding their happy place through their comprehensive online store.

Shop FAB for More Plant-based Products

FAB’s innovative product line sets it apart from the rest of the competition. Besides the super effective personal diffuser, Their full collection consists of oils, gummies, pet treats, topical creams, and more. Visit their website to learn more about their brand and try more of their plant-based products.

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