5 Helpful Tips to Stop Racing Thoughts Before Bed

5 Helpful Tips to Stop Racing Thoughts Before Bed

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You know what it’s like to have racing thoughts before bed. You can’t stop thinking about everything you need to do or feel like your head is spinning with too many thoughts and not enough time to process them all. It’s hard for people who experience this phenomenon to get a good night’s sleep. Below are some helpful tips for managing those pesky racing thoughts before bedtime.

5 Helpful Tips to Deal With a Racing Mind

Concentrate on Your Breathing

Take slow, deep breaths and count them in the process. This can trick your mind and allow you to stop focusing on those thoughts. Concentrating on your breathing can also have a calming effect on your central nervous system, reducing anxiety, thereby promoting sleep.

5 Helpful Tips to Stop Racing Thoughts Before Bed 2

Come Up With a Mantra

Try coming up with a mantra, and repeat it whenever those racing thoughts emerge to take your mind off those anxiety-inducing feelings. Simple phrases like “Everything will be fine.” or “I’m calm, and I’m sleepy.” can be very effective.

Reduce Stress Before Bedtime

Try to eliminate stress for at least two hours leading up to bedtime. Meditation, yoga, simply reading a book, or a soothing bubble bath can calm the mind. Stay away from all electronic screens and overly stimulating foods or beverages in those two hours before bedtime.

Try Plant-Based Supplements for Sleep

Plant-based supplements are growing in popularity for reduced anxiety. The sleep-centric variety has proven to be more than beneficial for troubled sleepers. Often packed with herbal extracts, melatonin, and other natural ingredients, these natural sleep aids can help you fall asleep naturally and wake up feeling refreshed. 

5 Helpful Tips to Stop Racing Thoughts Before Bed 3

Reserve Your Bedroom for Sleep

Your bedroom is for sleep, so make it as relaxing as possible. Keep it tidy and furnish it with colors and accessories that you find soothing. Consider turning the temperature down in the room and keep it as dark as possible to help induce sleep.

Always Feeling Tired? The Solution Is in Your Habits

If your thoughts constantly keep you up at night, consider determining and changing some unhealthy habits. Try to implement these helpful tips into your bedtime routine and watch your sleepless nights turn into better mornings.

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