How to Keep Fitted Sheets on a Bed

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There’s nothing more annoying than your sheets sliding around in the middle of the night. If your sleep is getting interrupted by ill-fitting sheets, this guide can help you keep your sheet in place.

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1) Make Sure the Sheet Fits

First things first, make sure your fitted sheet actually fits your bed. It might seem obvious, but if you try to squeeze full-sized sheets on a queen size mattress, they’re bound to come loose. To go the extra mile, measure out the dimensions of your mattress to be sure that you are buying sheets that are the correct size. This extra effort will pay off in the long run.

2) Fitted Sheet Clips

Like suspenders for your bedsheets, fitted sheet clips will help your sheets stay put. This is an excellent solution if your sheets are slightly too big. Most come in packs of four (one for each corner) and easily attach to your bedsheets. To use a sheet clip, attach the middle strap to the corner of your sheet, and then clip the two side straps across from each other on both sides. Adjust the length of the strap as needed.

3) Bed Scrutiny Bedsheet Straps

These unique sheet straps offer 360-degree bed tightening. These straps clip to the edges of your bedsheets and/or mattress topper and slide under your mattress for smooth, hotel-worthy bedsheets that won’t budge.

4) Drawstring or Zipper Fitted Sheets

Another way to keep your sheets securely on your bed is to buy fitted sheets with drawstrings or zippers. Elastic cording around the outside of your fitted sheet enables you to tighten your sheet until it securely fits around your mattress. A zipper ensures you’ll never have a corner pop up in the middle of the night. This is an especially great option for children who may toss or turn as they sleep.

5) Make Your Own Straps

Instead of purchasing straps, you can sew your own fitted sheet straps into the corners of your sheets. For this method, buy some elastic from your local fabric store (anything from ½ inch thick to 3 inches thick will work). Measure the elastic to a length that will fit around the bottom of your mattress – but will be tight and secure. Using a sewing machine, attach the elastic to the edges of your sheet corners.

4) Safety Pins

If you don’t want to purchase sheet clips or straps, and sewing your own sounds tedious, the safety pins you have lying around your house will do the trick. For this method, make sure you pin with the pressure of the stretched sheet, rather than against it. This will prevent the safety pins from becoming weak, bending, popping open, or ripping the sheet.


When your sheets are tight, not only will they look nicer, but you’ll sleep better. Sheets that fit correctly and adding a little extra support for a looser fitted sheet can help ensure that your sheets stay put all night long.

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