Sleep Realm | Pure Relief Gummies vs. PureKana Gummies

You spend about one-third of your life sleeping, so why not spend it the best you can? But it’s not that easy; is it? As the public begins to learn the benefits of herbal products, it became clear that herbal sleep gummies would become the next big thing. They taste amazing, and they work wonders. 

If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, consider adding sleep gummies to your nighttime routine. In this article, we’re going to compare two of the most reputable and innovative retailers of herbal gummies- Pure Relief and PureKana. By the end of this read, you’ll have an idea of where to get your gummies.

Pure Relief Sleep Gummies

Pure Relief is a popular retailer of natural wellness products best known for its collection of pre-rolled joints and delicious gummies. Unlike PureKana, Pure Relief offers two types of gummies; Their Daytime Gummies provide users all the benefits of the compound while their Nighttime Gummies are designed with the troubled sleeper in mind. 

With their sweet, fruity flavor, Pure Relief gummies are ideal for those new to herbal products and those who need a new alternative to sleeping pills. Packed with 30mg of herbal extract per serving and other natural ingredients, one gummy will surely do the job. Conversely, PureKana’s gummy bottles come with only 20 gummies infused with 25mg of herbal extract per gummy.

Better Prices

Although Pure Relief’s price point of $59.99 (30-count) is higher compared to PureKana’s $40 (20-count), Pure Relief’s gummies are more potent. PureKana’s 20 count bottle is 500mg, while Pure Relief’s 30 count bottle stands at a whopping 900mg. To put it simply, you are getting a more potent product and therefore don’t need to consume multiple gummies in order to have access to the benefits. All you really need is one Pure Relief gummy or possibly even half if you are new to herbal products.


Pure Relief’s commitment to offering the best herbal products to help people find their moments of relief has allowed them to set the bar pretty high for other natural wellness brands to exceed them. That is why all their products are tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure they meet the highest standards for purity, safety, and overall quality.

Pure Relief vs. PureKana

The flavorful assortment of gummies, raving reviews, and online availability all make Pure Relief one of the best retailers in the wellness space to offer sleep gummies. Here’s how the company compares to PureKana.

  Pure Relief PureKana
Overall Quality
Product Variety
Customer Service
Jennie R.
(Age: 21 - 30 years old - Use Case: Insomnia) The gummies with Melatonin taste a little better than the regular gummies and have helped me get to sleep. Working from home has completely messed up my sleep schedule and now I feel more rested in the morning
Eden W.
(Age: 31 - 40 years old - Use Case: Anxiety) I absolutely love the gummies! I’ve tried a lot of different brands of CBD gummies, and these are by far the most effective on my mood ...helping me to chill and not be so anxious. Thank you for making a great product!
Tomika J.
(Age: 31 - 40 years old - Use Case: Insomnia) I have a hard time sleeping at night so I decided to try the gummies with melatonin. This has been helping me get a good night's rest and I wake up focused and not drowsy

Shop Pure Relief for More Products

Pure Relief Nighttime Gummies are available for purchase right here online. If you are looking for something to complement your edibles, look no further than Pure Relief’s online collection of herbal products, which includes oils, smokables, creams, and so much more.

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