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The best way is to know your brand and its credibility. All brands are not made equal and have different methods of absorption on a cellular level.


Reliefly has a detailed description of the ingredients of their products and all products have been researched fully and combine only the best of the herbal extracts for maximum benefit and absorption. To maintain their core value of full transparency, lab tests are readily available on each product.

Review Summary

The stress of our daily lifestyle coupled with eating non nutritional foods affects every part of our lives. It causes tiredness, muscle fatigue, memory fog and other more serious conditions such as high blood pressure.

If you are constantly stressed and feel the pressure of everyday life challenging as most people do, remember, you are not alone and there is a solution.

The trend is now geared to more holistic health and we are more conscious of what we are putting in our body, Reliefly has developed natural supplements, like oil, capsules, gummies, and topicals made with plant-based ingredients, easily absorbed by your cells that tackle stress on a cellular level.

Buying natural supplements might be new to you, so let us set your mind at ease.

Here are what real customers are saying about the brand:

I get into a much deeper psychosis when sleeping now

“I haven’t dreamt in several years because my mind races and the first night I took it I had a dream and felt very well rested when I woke up. consistently over the past 3 weeks, I have achieved a deep psychosis several times throughout the week.”



My back actually feels better

“It’s been about 6 weeks and I must say I truly am impressed. Their customer service is also amazing, the live chat feature has allowed me to get all my questions answered immediately! The oil by Reliefly is out of this world!”



I found this product through social media…and I am glad I did!

“I have tried a few other tinctures from companies but some had weird after tastes and I felt they did not do anything for me. This product really helps me sleep better and I take it when I am stressed at work or just need to relax.



Highlights And Benefits

Reliefly uses only plant-based products which means your body can assimilate the nutrients and then the nutrients are transported directly to the cells via the bloodstream, giving you the benefit of fast acting, yet optimal absorption.

The amazing product range includes:

  • Vegan Gummies
  • Natural Oils 
  • Capsules
  • Topicals
  • Pet Oils

Reliefly also offers bundles of different products at a special rate, so you can try more than one of Reliefly’s different natural solutions and save money while enjoying each product.

Overall Score

Overall Quality


Product Variety




Customer Service




Live Joyfully & Healthfully

If daily stress is holding you back from enjoying activities with friends and family, Reliefly has the solution for you. Our affordable and natural solutions will have you healthy and stress-free in no time, and they are so delicious, you’ll feel like you are taking candy from a baby!

  • Individuals interested in a natural, plant-based wellness routine
  • People looking to manage their stress, energy levels, discomfort, and sleeplessness
  • Users who are new to the natural wellness products
  • Children or anyone under the age of 18
  • Pregnant women and people taking medication

Overall Scores

Overall Quality
Product Variety
Customer Service

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If you are looking for more quality plant-based supplements, we encourage you to explore their extensive collections and bundles. If this is your first time trying plant-based supplements, we recommend starting with the least concentrated supplements and working your way to stronger formulas.
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