One of the best things for your health is having a positive sleep cycle. Having a condition like sleep apnea can be an annoyance to say the least. We may have a natural solution to help promote a healthy sleep cycle with Reliefly. Here are some signs that you may struggle from sleep apnea.
5 Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea 1
5 Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea 2

1. You’re a Noisy Sleeper

Frequent and loud snoring is the most common symptom of sleep apnea. This sound occurs when vibrations are produced by the upper respiratory airways during sleep. It is caused by partial blockage or obstructions as air is being restricted from moving easily through the airways. People with Obstructive Sleep Apnea have more of a choking sound to their snores.

2. You Struggle To Say Awake During The Day

Obstructive sleep apnea can mean you wake up several times throughout the night to breathe. Poor sleep cycles makes it impossible to function at your best during the day. This may hinder your performance at work, home or school!
5 Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea 3
5 Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea 4
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3. You Become Irritated Quickly

Sleep apnea may affect your mood. This condition will cause several instances of waking up during the night. An individual may wake up over 20 times a night. This will affect one’s ability to achieve a deep restful sleep. The body will signal waking up just enough to try and breath but not enough that we are actually conscious that we have woken up several times. Being excessively tired can cause extreme reactions to normal daily stresses. We are all guilty of it at times but let’s not make it habitual!

4. You Have Brain Fog and or Can’t Concentrate

Struggling to find your thoughts after a sleepless night has to be one of the worst feelings. Daytime sleepiness is common with sleep apnea. These serious disturbances in normal sleep patterns will cause severe sleepiness during the day and will result in poor concentration.
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5 Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea 5
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5. You Wake Up With Morning Headaches

When you stop breathing frequently throughout the night, you are not taking in enough oxygen. Carbon dioxide builds up in your brain and blood flow to your brain and other organs is reduced. This contributes to headaches and can lead to more serious health problems. Headaches should not be ignored as your body is telling you something.

Need a Night Boost?

If you have experienced any of the above issues in your sleep cycle we recommend using Reliefly to promote your ECS to have a healthy sleep cycle. Natural remedies are the best things to start trying if you haven’t already to promote a healthy sleep cycle and achieve a deep psychosis.
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