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Nobody likes having cold feet, so finding the best slippers for any individual is a staple to being cozy at home. Man, woman, or child, it’s important to protect your feet regardless of the weather, but especially if it’s freezing outside. Here are some excellent options for slippers for all occasions.  

Best Women’s Slippers

Best Women Slippers

UGG Australia Ansley Suede Slippers at Amazon

These slippers are part of the UGG dynasty, famous for its warm and fuzzy insides. Unlike the usual UGG boot, these slippers come in a compact style, refined for the modern, relaxing woman. Moreover, it’s suede skin is waterproof, perfect as an indoor-outdoor best slipper for women, especially in snowy climates. And they come in 15 different colors, staying fashionable even at the most casual.

Ultraideas Comfort Fleece Memory Foam Slippers

One of the best women’s slippers with a friendly price; these stand out on the list. These are one of the best house shoes, as they have three layers of memory foam, assuring a super comfy feel. In four colors and sizes, there’s no need to stiffen any fashionable instincts. Plus, these slippers are machine washable. 

UGG Women’s Coquette Slipper

For warm slippers, shearling lining is always the best option, On top of that, this UGG shoe has a new corked rubber outsole that allows the slippers to be used indoor-outdoor with little wear and tear. 

Also, solving the issue of perspiration under warm shearling, taking off your socks could make it a more temperate experience. The only issue is that they do run small, so order a size up for the best slipper moments. Moreover, you have to buy a special UGG conditioner to clean the product thoroughly. 

Best Men’s Slippers

Best Men Slippers

Tamarac by Slippers International Sheepskin Slippers

Simple, stylish, and a classic mix between loafer and moccasin, this slipper is perfect for the man who enjoys his days at home. Moreover, the suede tabs at the back make it easy to pull on the slippers quickly. 

They have thick rubber soles, perfect for indoor-outdoor usage, and they are definitely sturdy enough to survive a little snowy action. Its insides have shearling lining, promising an always warm experience and cold weather protection. However, the only faults are that the lining does shed eventually, and it’s too warm for year-round usage, as it’s definitely not something you wear on a summer beach day. 

L.L Bean Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins

These wicked good slippers are made from real sheepskin shearling, which is desirable. The material is also high quality and could last up to several years if taken care of properly.

The shoes cover most of the foot for ultimate weather protection and are easy to slip on and off without a tab on the back. L.L. Bean also offers a range of different styles and colors, so no need to keep the best slippers for men a secret.

Haflinger Unisex AT Wool Slippers

Although also for women, this is one of the best men’s slippers, molded to a person’s individual needs. With plenty of arch support and the perfect material, these are the best house slippers for temperature control. Perspiration shouldn’t be an issue with these, plus the rubber soles make it great for outdoor use. 

These shoes are also medically helpful for people suffering from plantar fasciitis, relieving the pain associated with it. 

Be warned; most customer reviews state that they’re sticking to this brand and style for the rest of their lives. Although a steeper price point, the quality outlasts and outperforms many other slipper brands. 

Most Comfortable Slippers

Glerups Wool Slippers

These are a perfect balance for temperature, wool being an excellent alternative for shearling, suede, or faux fur. The wool is 100% breathable, keeping feet toasty without sweating, fit better than other L.L. Bean slipper products, come in modern styles, and last a long time. 

Some reviews say that the Glerups are better than the unisex Haflinger, comfier, and more stylish with three looks and several different colors. 

However, these best house slippers do need to be broken in, and during the process can be itchy or uncomfortable. The shoes are guaranteed to last two years, but could even go farther than that. 

Best Kids Slippers

Best Kids Slippers

Crocs Kids’ Classic Slipper

 Kids love wearing Crocs, and these slippers are perfect for putting them on and off fussy toddlers. With felt and fuzzy lining, the shoes come in five different colors, bright and cute, just like the kiddies wearing them. 

An elastic band keeps the slippers in place, great for kids who lose their shoes while playing. There’s also a rubber sole bottom that protects kids from the risk of slipping. 

Best Indoor Slippers

Parachute Quilted Slippers

These are versatile and not too hot for the feet, most other slippers with lining causing uncomfortable perspiration. Made from a cotton blend and polyester, they don’t make wearers sweat as much as the usual suede, faux fur, or shearling linings. 

Only available in two colors- mineral and stone. It’s a bit limited in style but still fashionable with a diamond jacquard weave. Moreover, the rubber soles make it hard to skid on wood or wet surfaces. 

Conveniently, if you do slip on something wet or gross, you can throw these home slippers into the washing machine and let them air dry for an almost new slipper feeling. With plush and absorbent material, there’s no beating it. 


Whatever’s best to a wearer is up to them, but there are so many slippers to choose from that it’s harder than expected. It’s important to focus on priorities, such as is perspiration a deal-breaker? Or is wool to uncomfortable a material to deal with? There’s also the question of style and color and whether those variables can be compromised. 

Either way, the options already mentioned are some of the best slippers in the industry, and their reputations precede themselves. Man, woman, or child, the perfect slipper is out there for everyone.

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